Proizvajalec kontejnerjev ter kontejnerskih sistemov Ucon odslej pod imenom Thielmann – The Container Company

Posredujemo vam novico našega partnerja Ucon AG Containersysteme, da je s 1. septembrom 2016 spremenil ime v Thielmann – The Container Company.

Podjetje Ucon je bilo že prej del skupine Thielmann, zdaj pa se je združilo z njo tudi v imenu. Proizvodni program in kontakti ostajajo nespremenjeni.

Več podrobnosti si lahko preberete spodaj v izvirnem obvestilu podjetja. Hkrati vas vabimo da obiščete njihovo novo spletno stran.


Dear Customers,

Our commitment and continuous effort to deliver the best container quality and service has, over many years, built us an excellent know-how reputation with our various customers around the world. As a result, our brands UCON, COMET, PORTINOX, THIELMANN and WEW cover most of the container market and occupy leading positions in many industry segments.

Experience has taught us to never stand still and to adapt with flexibility and openness to market changes. That is why today, in an effort to continuously fulfill customer requirements, we have decided to merge our different brands under one brand: THIELMANN.

THIELMANN is part of the German TEKA Group (Holding), which was founded by two gentlemen – one of them Mr. Thielmann. We believe in our heritage and strong brand identity. By merging our brands to a greater whole, we are becoming THIELMANN, thereby expressing our commitment to continuously deliver highest quality standards, efficiency, speed, and global presence.

In bringing together our knowledge and strength under one roof, we provide customers with the most in-depth container expertise they can find. From now on, you, as our esteemed customer, can benefit from THIELMANN as a one-stop shop:
One single point of contact for all your container needs!

This ambition and the unification of our different brands are reflected in our slogan: THIELMANN – The Container Company as well as our new brand identity.

Under our new brand identity, we live our dedication to our customer’s performance, our responsibility as an industry leader and our flexibility to respond to our customer’s needs. Together with our engineering knowledge and our uncompromising quality we shall deliver the same excellent products and services to create value for our customers and meet our promise to them:
Customers can trust us to deliver the best expertise in containers.

Furthermore, to symbolize the overall changes, all companies under THIELMANN will be changing their respective names in the upcoming year. From 1st of September 2016 onwards, UCON AG Containersysteme KG is now changing its name to THIELMANN UCON GmbH.

Please visit our brand new website, starting today, to discover a new world of container expertise and new functionalities. You will receive the same responsive service.


Alejandro Gálvez, Co-CEO
Dr. Bernd O. Loeser, Co-CEO

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