Bilfinger Water Technologies (Diemme) se je preimonoval v Aqseptence Group Srl.

Obveščamo vas, da bo naš partner Bilfinger Water Technologies (Diemme), eden izmed vodilnih proizvajalcev filtrskih preš na svetu, odslej deloval pod imenom Aqseptence Group Srl.

Več o tem si lahko preberete spodaj oziroma na njihovi spletni strani.


Dear Business Partner,

As you probably have heard over the last few months, the Group we belong to, Bilfinger Water Technologies, is no longer part of Bilfinger SE since April 2016. Consequently, we are now pleased to announce that, in the framework of the rebranding process undertaken by our Group, we will soon change our Company name into:

Aqseptence Group Srl
The word Aqseptence combines together our Group core businesses, AQUA and the competence in SEPARATION technology that our Company provides every day to his partners through Diemme®Filtration filter presses.

What’s more, our new name perfectly fits into the positioning that we have been developing and that can be better defined in our brand promise: Reliable Performance. Sustainable Results.

Our new logo shows a water drop combined with a screen, condensing in a single image our Group core businesses. Its color, progressive green, is modern and clearly distinguishes ourselves from the competitors.

Finally, please, take into account that the change will only concern our Company name, while VAT number and all other references will remain the same.

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